Landlord/Rental Property Insurance

If you own rental property in Massachusetts, you need to make sure that you carry adequate Mass property insurance coverage.

As most landlords know, having tenants often means having damages to your rental units. Having Mass property insurance will ensure that you can afford to replace or repair things that are broken or otherwise damaged. Our specialized Massachusetts property insurance can help assume the risk for damages to your premises as well as cover you against any unexpected injuries or accidents that occur involving others while on your property.

We can help protect you against a variety of issues, and our specialized insurance knowledge allows us to insure all levels of rental property including:

  • Properties that are vacant or up for sale
  • Properties that are under construction
  • Luxury high risk and high value vacation rentals

With so many options and alternatives to choose from, selecting the best Mass property insurance package may seem tricky—but with Pope Insurance Agency, Inc. on your side, we guarantee to secure you the most effective coverage that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations, so give us a call today!

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