Antique and Classic Car Insurance

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We are car enthusiasts just like you! We own, drive, show and restore many different classic cars. We sponsor the Mass Cruisers’s Bass Pro Cruise Night at Gillette Stadium. You may have seen our display tent at one of the many local car shows. Unlike most agencies we know how to protect your cherished car. Our companies are chosen because they are the best for coverages and pricing for collector cars of all types and varieties. We offer:

  • A Large Selection of Companies to Quote With
  • Agreed (Guaranteed) Value Policies
  • No Appraisals Needed in most Cases
  • No Mileage Limitations
  • Antique Plates Are Not Required
  • Spare Parts Coverage
  • Vehicles Under Restoration Coverage
  • Vehicles that are stored and Not Registered including Project cars.
  • Emergency Services & Flat Bed Towing Options
  • Classic Motorcycles & Boat Insurance Available
  • MA Registry Services for Plates & Renewals
  • Insurance Stamps for Registrations on Site
  • Savings with Our Home & Personal Auto Programs

Antique Car Insurance

The key to preserving and occasionally driving an antique car is making sure you have the right kind of antique car insurance.

An antique car is generally determined to be any vehicle 25 or more years old and is maintained mostly for shows and exhibitions. They fall somewhere between the collectible and the classic. You typically display the antique car more often than you drive it. This means you need a niche policy that will only cover what you need covered.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we specialize in custom, muscle car, and antique car insurance. Our agents know the difference between your antique car and a classic car. With our specialized insurance, we cover everything from a Model-T Ford to a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we can customize our antique car insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Rare parts or rare paints, we can find a way of protecting your significant investment.

Contact us – or fill out an online request form – and let’s get your antique car properly covered.

Collector Car Insurance

Collector’s vehicles enjoy constant market demands and appreciate steadily in value over time. The culmination of hard work, painstaking detail, and precision mechanical work result in a vehicle that transcends its nuts and bolts to become a stunning work of art.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we are committed to providing unparalleled collector’s vehicle liability coverage at affordable rates. Our coverage provides the owner with:

  • 24 Hour Towing
  • 24 Hour Policy Access
  • Extended liability (for car shows)

To learn the details of our collector’s vehicle insurance, contact us or submit an online quote form today.

Custom Car Insurance

Custom cars deserve extra attention and very special custom auto insurance.

You put extra time and money into your custom car with things like chrome rims and grills, customized murals, spinners, pipes, LCD monitors, DVD players, expensive stereo systems, ground effects, and hydraulics. Now you need the maximum protection for your ride to ensure that every piece and detail is fully covered by your custom auto insurance.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we know about the intrinsic values of our customers’ custom creations. We also know how to insure your custom car so that it is completely protected. Give us a call at 800-935-1963, or fill out the form on this page for more information

Muscle Car Insurance

Do you drive a Dodge Superbee or maybe a Pontiac GTO? As you know, your muscle car requires special insurance.

Muscle cars were manufactured in Australia, America and South Africa between 1964 and 1974. They generally have a very powerful V8 engine, rear wheel drive, and are made to go fast. If you own one of these incredible vehicles, you need muscle car insurance from Pope Insurance Agency, Inc.

Most insurance companies do not offer muscle car insurance, and if they do they probably charge a high premium because they think that claims on these cars will be much higher than normal cars. At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc. we know all about muscle cars, antique cars, and custom cars. Unlike most insurance companies, we can find you an affordable and comprehensive auto insurance quote for your muscle car.

Living in Massachusetts offers many wide open, scenic roads for your ride. Solutions from Pope Insurance Agency, Inc. will protect you. Give us a call at 508-695-7938 or fill out the form on this page for more information.

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